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Quality Policy

Milad Khorasan Industrial Group as the leading industrial groups and prospective food industry - Finished With the grace of God and enjoying the experience, knowledge and capabilities of our diligent professionals committed to improving the system, and of the own.
part of quality assurance and continuous improvement activities and put her center stage.

Some of the major goals the establishment and sustainability of this system include:

1 - Increase customer satisfaction by valuing customer needs

2 - Create a work ethic and commitment by valuing staff participation in decision making and livelihoods if any employees working in our company can be proud of

3 - Increase the quality and quantity of education provided by the infrastructure and resources needed and appropriate group

4 - Nnayj continuous improvement and quality improvement processes and functions properly by the industry group and compassionate

5 - enhancing the company's management can provide managers with employees in order to promote the excellence