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Group Capabilities

Milad Industrial Group is the first producer of food and drug raw material, food and sports supplements and enteral nutrition on the brand of MILATECH in Iran (Middle-East). This large production complex is among the first entities that officially founded the Research and Development Department under the supervision of university board members in order to advance its research and development activities at the highest scientific level. In addition, the company has been successful in acquiring HACCP international Certificate from British URS institute and ISO 9001 from Alliance America Furthermore, Milad Industrial Group has received several awards from domestic and foreign institutes that a number of them are:

  1. Country’s Excellent Entity in 2007 from Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran
  2. Receiving Statue of the Best Industrial Design of Iran in 2007 from Ministry of Industries and Mines.
  3. Receiving Iran’s Best Management Award by company’s chairperson for two executive years of 2006 and 2007 from IGP Institute.
  4. Excellent Province Entity of 2006 from Food and Drug Vice President of Medical Sciences University
  5. Receiving Province’s Excellent Food Entity in 2007 from Industries and Mines Organization Following in a brief introduction of several products of the company.