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Code of Conduct

Our motto is "complete nutrition for a healthy life" is meant that the products and services that meet the nutritional deficiencies of these terms and conditions at any stage of life in this group tries to achieve the following Code of Ethics has:

-          Adherence to moral values ​​in personal and organizational communication, according to three principles: sincerity, honesty and openness

-          Respect, courtesy and dignity of clients, customers and colleagues, and adhere to cultural criticism, accountability, responsibility and mutual trust

-          Adherence to the culture and economy of work in manufacturing and customer satisfaction

-          Knowledge and experience in the promotion and development of the Group Capital Group and share it with colleagues, consultants and stakeholders to participate in the agreement.

-          Efficient use of resources and prevent waste and Tbzyr group.

-          Deal with gossip and slander and avoid any action that could undermine confidence and trust between groups.