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Taking supplements can be tailored to the setting, and provide precise control diet to help athletes.

which can be severe poisoning, cancer, infertility, liver disease, hypertension and heart diseases, and respiratory and cardiac arrest in some cases leads to other complications caused by the unauthorized use of dietary supplements The body is created, it can be irreversible, even if they are discontinued, symptoms may persist for years. The nutritional supplements without medical license numbers or IRC, is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are not usable. Foreign supplements without MOH license, due to the health uncertainty and uncertainty combinations of storage conditions and shipping, are non-consumers.


Adding an impurity doping broadly defined to mean any substance is. Physiological death caused by illegal manipulation of natural processes that cause severe and sometimes irreversible changes in the body. Physical death, like the deaths of some athletes that have been observed in recent years. Therefore, in order to respect the ethics of sports medicine and sports, athletes' health and provide protection against the environment for all athletes, with opposite doping.

Doping substances subject to many side effects, some of which are reversible and others are irreversible. Among these are as follows:

- Cardiovascular effects include increased blood volume, increased blood pressure, elevated blood fats, cardiac arrhythmias, Change of Heart, heart attack and stroke

- Hepatic side effects include liver dysfunction, impaired liver function, elevated liver enzymes, jaundice and liver cancer.

- Special effects include reduced sperm count in men, sterility, unusual growth of limbs, feeling an urgent and frequent urine excretion, decreased sexual ability.
- Certain side effects in women menstrual disorder, excessive hair growth in unusual areas, baldness, deepening of the voice, of breasts, lactation suppression, oily skin and acne.

- Psychological effects include depression, excessive excitement, aggressiveness, emotional instability, aggressiveness and violence, insomnia, anxiety, personality disorders and psychological dependence on the drug.

There are two main groups of substances subject to doping.

Illegal substances at any time (within or outside sporting events)


- Anabolic agents ((Anabolic Agent:

Anabolicagentsare prohibitedfrommaterialsthatinclude:

1) AAS(Anabolic Androgenic Steroids)

a) Exogenous


      b) Endogenous


 c) Metabolites and isomers